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Lucie Rounová translation and interpreting Czech, English and French

Curriculum Vitae

Lucie Rounová

(née Fifková)

Date of Birth: 13 March 1974
Place of Birth: Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Nationality: Czech


1988-1992 Secondary grammar school in Hradec Králové (Gymnázium J. K. Tyla)
1992-1998 Magister Degree (equivalent of M.A.), Department of Translation Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University majoring in interpreting - French, English
1995-1996 Institut Supérieur d'Interprétation et de Traduction (ISIT), Paris, certificate of escort interpreting for the English - French language combination
February 1996 Seminar on International Relations and Geopolitics of the 20th century, Office of the U. N., Geneva, Switzerland
1998 - 2001 Magister Degree in International Relations, Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague

2002 - 2003

Course in fundamentals of law and legal terminology (for forensic interpreters), Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague

Diploma theses

Preparing Entries for the Terminological Database of Telecommunications (a contribution to the Eurodicautom database, 1998)

Charles de Gaulle: His Influence on the European Integration Process (2001)

Language experience abroad

Dec 1993 - Feb 1994 Braziers Adult College, Ipsden, Oxfordshire, UK
Oct 1994 - Feb 1995 TEMPUS programme, Aix-en-Provence, France
Oct 1995 - Aug 1996 ISIT, Paris, France
June - July 1997 Language stay organised by the Rotary Club, Hythe, UK 
January - March 2000 Traineeship organised by the European Parliament Directorate for interpretation in Brussels

JanuaryFebruary 2003

Traineeship at the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg

Current position

Free-lance interpreter and translator (since 1996)

Sworn interpreter (court interpreter) at the Regional Court of Hradec Králové (since 31 October 2000)

Professional Experience

My experience as a translator and interpreter includes translation on various topics ranging from regular business correspondence and reports, legal documents, financial and privatisation documents, up to highly technical areas such as ergonomics, agriculture, aerospace, defence industry, telecommunications, civil engineering, theory of music. My interpreting experience covers both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (Czech, English, French) during business meetings, seminars and social events. My major translation and interpreting assignments are listed below.


Translation of everyday correspondence, newspaper articles, business letters for different companies (Czech, English, French) 1996 - current
Technical presentations in fields of aerospace, logistics, energy sector and engineering (Czech, English, French) 1997 - current
Translation of contracts, opinions, acts, corporate documents and other legal documents (Czech, English) 1997- current
Translation of financial documents - including annual reports, balance sheet, income statements, analysis of and reports on the Czech financial and banking sector (Czech, English) 1997 - current
Sworn translations of personal and company documents - notarial deeds, certificates, powers of attorney, contracts, extracts from the Criminal Register (Czech, English, French) 2001 - current

Simultaneous interpreting

Directors Meeting of the Association of the European Cities of Culture 2000 - a 2 day seminar of Directors from the 9 cities which were awarded the title of the European Cities of Culture for the year 2000 (Czech, French) May 1998
Series of seminars organised by the Czech Republic Local Administration Support Fund Foundation (Liberec, Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary, Most) (Czech, English) July 1998
"Teachers and Their University Education at the Turn of the Millennium", an international conference, Prague (Czech, English) September 1998
"Europe, the Community of Small Languages", an international symposium organised by the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators, Písek, Czech Republic (Czech, English) October 1998
The French opéra comique and its radiation in 19th century Europe, a musicological symposium (Czech, French) May 1999
"Telematics Solutions for Urban Transport", a pan-European transport telematics user forum, Pr¨honice, Czech Republic (Czech, English) September 1999
Phare Horizontal Program for Justice and Asylum Procedure, three one-week seminars, Prague (Czech, French) November - December 1999
Twinning seminar on absorption capacity, Pardubice (Czech, French) April 2000
Twinning seminar on financial flows and financial control, Ministry of Finance, Prague (Czech, English) May 2000
Twinning seminar on ROPs, Ä´ár nad Sázavou (Czech, French) September 2000
Seminars on ergonomics organised by Steelcase Strafor, Prague (Czech, English) October - December 2000
Twinning seminar on financial flows and financial control, Ministry of Finance, Prague (Czech, French) February 2001
Twinning seminars on EU Structural Funds "How can Structural Funds help your region?" (Czech, French) April - June 2001

Seminars of Veolia Water in the Czech Republic (Czech, French)

March 2003 and 2004

Training provided within the Phare project "Technical Assistance to the Auditors of Projects co-financed by the EU“ – PHARE CZ 2003.8.01 (Czech, English)

May - June 2004

Interpreting for the Czech Ministry of the Environment (meeting of the OECD working party, Natura 2000, green purchasing) (Czech, English)

May 2005

Consecutive interpreting

Technical and business meetings concerning one of the first bank card projects in the Czech Republic, Paris, France (Czech, French) January 1996 - April 1996
Interpreting meetings for Lockheed Martin officials (business meetings with Czech industrial companies, meetings with officials from Czech Ministries and other state administration bodies, interpreting on various social occasions) (Czech, English) November 1997 - September 2001
Technical and business meetings related to the roll-out of the second GSM network in the Czech Republic (Czech, English) February 1997 - October 1997
Business meetings within Trade Missions organised by the Irish Trade Board and the British Commercial Section (Czech, English) November 1998 - February 2002
Seminars, meetings with Czech government and judiciary officials organised by the UNHCR or attended by its representatives discussing issues related to the asylum procedure (Czech, English, French) March 1998 - December 1999
Interpreting for PAA, EU long-term, medium-term and short-term experts within the Twinning Covenant (Czech, French, English) March 2000 - June 2004
Interpreting as a forensic interpreter (civil law, criminal law: court hearings, examinations of accused persons and witnesses, notarial deeds, marriage ceremonies, acts of the register of births, deaths and marriages, etc.) (Czech, English, French) 2001 - current
Interpreting for the Mayor of Prague and officials of the Prague City Hall at meetings with their foreign counterparts and press conferences March 2001 - current
Interpreting for representatives of the French Office National des Forêts April and July 2002, March 2003

Interpreting of business and technical meetings for Selecta (Czech, French)

January 2004

Training for tinsmiths organised by Umicore France (Czech, English)

February 2004